Not long ago, some friends of mine said to me, “Scott, you love pop culture and know so many random things about pop culture, you should blog about it.” (maybe not a direct quote, but still, something along those lines). After much procrastination, some hemming, some hawing, I decided, “WTF? Why not?” So here we go. The blog “ScottCulture” has been created. Welcome! Comments are welcome, feel free to post articles, pictures, and thoughts you have concerning pop culture, sports, music, politics, and we’ll have a good conversation going! This is an evolving piece!


Read This


Rather than sit here and be catty about who did what at the Grammys, I wanted to share this piece that I discovered. I was telling HP that the performance of this song made me tear up. And I also noticed exactly what the author talks about in the piece: people bashing the song and its participants. Well, I couldn’t have said it better than this guy. Read this. It’s a bit long, but well worth it. And pay attention to the videos 🙂 ***PS Lorde was amazing too!

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Oh man.


I freaking love this. This guy is such a douche canoe. And that shit eating grin. What a punk. Let’s ship him back to Canada.


Christie’s Bridge is Falling Down


Thanks to the fine folks at Buzzfeed for this awesome depiction of the Chris Christie fallout as told by “Game of Thrones.”

Also, if you want some quality entertainment; watch the talking bobble heads on Fox News try to make Christie look like an innocent victim. American journalism at its best. http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/the-chris-christie-bridge-scandal-as-explained-by-game-of-th